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Eureka GOLD


Hot Rocks are no problem for the Eureka Gold, it will punch through highly mineralized soil with ease. Why restrict your prospecting when you can find more gold, with the Eureka Gold, faster and easier than ever before? The 10" (25cm) coil supplied with the Eureka Gold is a Double D coil, that is, it contains two 'D' shaped windings which are partially overlapping. This Double 'D' configuration is ideal for locating deep targets in variable mineralized ground.



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GPX- 4500



A creation worth it’s weight in gold!
Stronger and more versatile than ever before, the Minelab GPX-4500 is the ultimate in cutting edge gold finding technology offering features and performance levels that other manufacturers are yet to match. Incorporating new Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA) technology alongside Minelab’s existing Multi Period Sensing (MPS) and Dual Voltage Technology (DVT), it is quieter and more immune to interference than earlier models, making it a real pleasure to use.







Professional-level ground-balancing, pulse induction detection. Unlike any other metal detector on the market today, the TDI is capable of remarkable depth and extreme sensitivity in the worst grounds.


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GOLD Nuggets

The Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ is simply one of the finest gold nugget metal detectors you can buy. Tesoro's SuperTRAQ Computerized Ground Tracking System solves the detectorist's greatest problem - ground balancing. No matter where you hunt, the Tesoro Lobo Super TRAQ will quickly self-adjust to eliminate minerals letting you find more gold with ease. Many people have trouble learning how to properly ground balance their nugget detector. In ground that varies in mineralization, constant ground balancing can be a chore. If not done properly, gold nuggets can be missed. You will never have to worry about this with the Lobo's superior automatic ground balancing circuitry.
Discrimination circuitry with instant pinpointing at your fingertips takes the awesome power of the Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ into every type of metal detecting you do. Most gold nugget detectors do not feature fully adjustable discrimination circuitry, limiting their versatility. The Tesoro Lobo ST is not only a great gold nugget detector, but also a very capable coin and jewelry detector. If you are looking for a detector that can handle almost any type of detecting, then look no further. The Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ is truly one of the most versatile detectors made today.





know more about the Spear

Let us explain the Goldspear; it is an electronic instrument entirely designed for gold and heavy mineral prospecting. First of all, Goldspear is not an ordinary metal detector. It is a completely new innovation. GOLDSPEAR consists of two main components. One electronic control box and one probe with its sensor head. The probe tube is connected to the control box which is fitted with a handle for pushing the probe down into the sand and gravel. The length of the base probe can be extended with extra extensions to fit between the probe and the electronic control box.



The Goldmaster® GMT™ metal detector is quickly earning a reputation as the simplest and best performer in the market. Veterans and weekenders alike are finding more gold and having more fun hunting, too!








High performance in a rock solid package
Minelab's SD2200v2 takes your detecting up a notch featuring Multi-Period Sensing (MPS) technology, the exclusive invention of Minelab, to give you depth, sensitivity and reliability. The SD2200v2 combines automatic ground balance, discrimination and automatic tuning to make it one of the world's most sophisticated and powerful gold detectors. The boost amplifier and tone control allow you to customize your detector, making hard to hear sounds clear and defined whilst the discrimination function rejects strong signals from ferrous junk, allowing more time detecting and less time digging unwanted targets.
With an excellent balance of features, performance and price, the SD2200v2 offers you more bang for your buck with its surprisingly affordable price.






Gold Prospecting and beach modes




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